Don’t forget to decant the Zinfandel

I tried this wine at my local ABC. I’ve liked Zinfandels in the past but I usually stick with Pinot Noir.

As I drank this wine I immediately taste the blackberries… Which I loved. The flavor was smooth and the more I drank it the more I liked it. (Yes it was a wine tasting but I visited that table four times).

I knew it wasn’t an expensive wine but I expected it to at least cost $15. To my surprise it was $12.99 & because I had attended the wine tasting I automatically received 10% off. What a deal! I bought two bottles.

Three days later I opened the bottle, ran it through my aerator, poured a glass and… it taste nothing like it did when I tried it. Did I get a bad bottle?

We’re so busy in our every day lives. We rush to work, rush home, rush to make dinner and then we want to instantly enjoy our glass of wine. But wine is not instant. Good wine takes time. In my haste I forgot that Zinfandels need time to decant. I left the glass on the table, took a shower, checked my email & 30 mins later that sip hit my lips like blackberry silk.

It was a great ending to my long day.

So please remember to decant.


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