Wine in a Can?

As I’m scanned online reading the daily headlines, a story about wine grabs my attention. WINE IN A CAN GROWING IN POPULARITY.

What!!!! When did this happen? and Which wines are in cans?
I will admit:  last summer I purchased a two 4 packs of flip flop wine spritzers. They were buy 1 get 1, I had a coupon, and I was taking them on the boat.  While I am usually a wine snob, laying on the boat in 90 degree weather is not the time to open my favorite bottle of William Hill Cabernet. Wine in a can was a good option for that day but I can’t see myself grabbing a 6 pack of Merlot as part of my regular wine supply. But then again, maybe I will.

I love the entire WINE experience. The bottle, the cork, the decanter, the aroma, the pour. For me, Wine is a lifestyle.  However I equally appreciate the convenience that wine in a can presents. Cans chill faster than glass, cans are allowed at the beach and pool (glass is not) & cans could be easier to hide in your luggage. As summer is approaching I may give wine a can another try.

 I’ll have to do some research to find a something other than Flip Flop, but I won’t close the door on canned wine. 

In meantime, read the article. Maybe you too will give wine in a can a try.

– You can now crack open a wine. Yes, it’s wine in a can. And the buzz is that it could be the new drink of the summer. Pinot, rose, chardonnay: you name it, they can aluminum can it.

Warehouse Wines and Spirits manager Gabe Schlackman said that when he first saw the cans hit the shelves he thought no one would buy them. But two years later his Manhattan store has seen a flood of young customers looking to can the cork. Schlackman said the cans are easy to open, more convenient, more concealable, and more fun.

Would you buy Wine in a Can?

CLICK THE LINK FOR FULL STORY. wine in a can growing in popularity.


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