My new Favorite Show

Have you see The Wine Show?
Have you Even HEARD of it?
It’s on Hulu and if you really want to explore wine, this is your new show.

The Wine Show is not about mass produced California wines ( sorry Cali) but instead takes you  inside small European vineyards where the host Matthew and Matthew, (I’m not joking) interview winemakers and learn what their makes vino so unique.
It’s not simply about the wine but the process of wine making.

Wine drew me to the this show but it’s the history, culture, science, religion so much more that keep me watching.

In episode 4 they visit the Vatican & speak with a priest who is searching for a new communion wine.


Aside from the wonderful content: Matthew and Matthew are cute men with sexy British accents. Wine + Charm = 1 great show.

And there’s JOE.. I won’t spill the beans but Joe is a very important man on The Wine Show.

Don’t just take my word, click the link and see for yourself.

P.S. Matthew & Matthew, if you want to add a sexy American wine loving woman to your cast, I’m available ANYTIME.


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