Steak and Red Wine! 

Last week I paired prime rib with Cabernet, as I have done many times before. It’s very delicious and I love it , however… our server told me that Merlot is a better pairing for prime rib and if I really wanted a Cabernet, I should’ve gone with Filet.
I was really surprised by his comment. I think I’m a well rounded wine drinker. I’m not a sommelier but I have above average wine knowledge and it never occurred to me to pair my wine based on the cut of steak.

The next day I decided to do some research and ran across a great article from someone who had encountered a very similar situation.

I felt better knowing that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t think to go beyond the general rule of red wine red meat. As they say live and learn.

This chart is a very simple steak and red wine pairing guide. I have saved it in my phone and I’m sure I’ll refer to it often. Below is a link to the full article.

Happy Monday!



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