What Does Brut Mean? A Simple Guide to Champagne, Sparkling Wine and other bubbly labels.

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What does Brut mean?

Tis the season… for bubbles (and reposting this short primer on deciphering Champagne and other sparkling wine labels) 

For reasons that are not completely clear to me, many American wine consumers tend to reserve bubbly consumption for holidays like New Years Eve or special occasions like weddings or anniversaries (though this appears to be slowly changing).

Around this time of year many of my casual wine consuming friends and colleagues ask for recommendations for holiday fizz.  Before dispensing advice on what bottles of bubbly to consider, I first remind them that bubbly, Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, Franciacorta or any other fizz is intended for year-round consumption.

Along with requests for specific recommendations, my friends and colleagues almost always ask, ‘what does Brut mean?’  To help clear up some of the label confusion, I offer to email them a cheat sheet to decipher Champagne…

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