Why “Wine U up”.

For many years I’ve been fascinated by wine. My first “wine” memory is being in church and learning that Jesus turned water into wine. Though I wouldn’t have my 1st drink of wine for many years to come, I knew that wine was something very special.

Now, years later, I’ve enjoyed every step of my wine journey. I’ve gone from being an exclusive Merlot drinker, to drinking Sauvignon Blanc in the summer and Malbec in the fall. I’ve toured a few wineries, I’ve read books on wine pairing. I’ve enjoyed wine so much, I wanted a wine career.

2006 I became an independent wine consultant. I conducted in-home wine tastings for a California wine distributor. I was independent…a 1099, and since I did not personally “hold” the wine license, there were very strict guidelines and limitations. I did not have the option to choose my wines. I promoted what they sent me. Some I liked and many that I didn’t. The best thing about that experience was the education I received. I was introduced to Gewürztraminer and Torrontés.
So I left the company, but I continued to study wine.

When I purchase wine, I don’t just grab a bottle off-the-shelf… I read the rating.
I think about what I’ll be eating. I even consider my mood.

Anyone who knows me (or knows of me) know that I’m all about anything wine. Often I get calls asking for my wine suggestions or asking me to recommend a wine accessory.

To make a long story short…I’m not a sommelier. I’m a middle class self educated wine consultant. I’ve made it my passion to find the best  wines under $20; and one day I decided to share my wine journey, my knowledge with others.

So pour yourself a glass and let me Wine U up. Featuring everything wine for everyday life.

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